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Welcome to Zion Lutheran Church’s Special Services page. 

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Watch on YouTube

Watch the latest worship services, special events and funerals on YouTube. 

Watch on Facebook

Join us for Zion’s live stream worship services. Connect with us from the comfort of your home and be a part of our spiritual journey, no matter where you are!

Come as you are to worship, pray, and sing praises. Let’s uplift each other and feel the presence of the divine together. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of our sacred gathering online.

Listen on the Radio

We warmly invite you to tune into Zion Lutheran Church’s live radio broadcast, a gathering of faith, fellowship, and inspiration. Join us in worship and let’s uplift our spirits together with music, prayer, and the good news of the Gospel.

Follow Along This Sunday

Tune in every Sunday morning, 9:30 am at KSDM 104.1 FM.

Sponsor a Radio Broadcast

Every week the Radio Broadcast is sponsored by generous Zion members . The discounted rate KSDM offers us helps your donation go further in spreading the Gospel of our Lord.

Email zionlutheranifalls@gmail.com to sponsor the Radio Broadcast.


Midco Cable subscribers and watch us every Sunday on Channel 7.

About KCC-TV

KCC-TV is a Public Access channel and operates as part of Citizen’s for Backus AB.

Communion at Zion

At Zion we practice open communion. We believe that taking communion is an extension of the personal relationship that we share with Jesus. Taking communion is always optional for guests and members at Zion Lutheran Church. 

How do Zion members take communion?

Typically, communion is offered towards the end of our Sunday worship services.  A prayer is recited then the ushers will instruct members row by row to proceed towards the alter (if you have mobility issues, the pastor will be happy to come to you).  Most Sundays we are given a wafer to symbolize the Body of Christ and a small cup of wine or grape juice. On busier Sundays, like Easter and Christmas Eve, we commune by intinction (dipping a wafer in a glass of wine).

Full Communion Partners

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is in full communion with several denominations. Full communion partnerships are based on a mutual recognition of Baptism and sharing of the Lord’s Supper, respect for each other’s ministries, and a commitment to work together in mission and service.

The denominations with which the ELCA had established full communion relationships include:

Full Communion Partner Since 1997
Full Communion Partner Since 1997
Full Communion Partner Since 1997
Full Communion Partner Since 1999
Full Communion Partner Since 1999
Full Communion Partner Since 2009

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