Youth Programs

The Heart of Our Church

At Zion Lutheran Church, we believe that the spiritual growth of our children and youth is not just a promise for the future but a vibrant and integral part of our present.

Our youth programs are designed to engage our young members from preschool age through the eighth grade in a journey of faith, fellowship, and fun.

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Sunday School

A Foundation of Faith

Every Sunday, we welcome our youngest members, from preschool through 5th grade, to our Sunday School program. Here, they embark on an exciting adventure through Bible stories, creative activities, and songs that teach the love of God and the joy of Jesus’ message.

Wednesday Release Time Classes

Collaboration in Christ

On Wednesday afternoons, we unite with our friends at First Lutheran for our Release Time Classes. This collaboration allows students from both congregations to form bonds of friendship while delving deeper into their understanding of the scriptures and Lutheran traditions.

Confirmation Classes

Stepping Stones of Faith

As our children grow, so does their capacity for understanding and commitment to their faith. For our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, we offer Confirmation classes in partnership with First Lutheran’s youth. This joint effort reinforces the communal aspect of our faith journey and prepares our youth for a lifelong commitment to the teachings of Christ.

Joe Belanger and the confirmation class of 2023

Sunday Morning Worship

Youth Involvement and Inspiration

We are excited to see our youth take an active role in our morning worship services. Our ‘Pray Ground’ invites the little ones to engage with the service in their own way—coloring, drawing, and observing the service from a special spot that lets them feel close to the heart of worship.

The children’s sermon each Sunday morning is another highlight, offering a message tailored to our younger audience, helping them connect with the teachings of Jesus in a language they understand.

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